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02 January 2009 @ 09:04 pm
Happy New Year everyone !!!!! 2009 is here... Wow this seems unbelievable !!! Don't ask me how & why but I'm always surprised by the change of date XDDDD

Just a tiny graphic to celebrate our entry in the last first decade of the 21st century... And well also I didn't forget the requests... They'll come soon with another batch of icons !!!

And just because I'm happy this comm is finally alive anew I'm pimping the dbskicontest  because the icontests are great and well I like this comm ^^ So feel free to join them and participate or just vote for the contestants !!!!!

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Well we had decided with kismetz</lj>  that I would do some requests once we had 200 members...
And so there are now more than   200  members in our comm !!!!

Thanks a lot to all of you who appreciate our work !

Commenting, liking and crediting our work is really something we love and I think we both thank you for that &hearts;&hearts;&hearts;

So here's the form for the requests ! One graphic per person !
 The requests will end on the 31st of December !

Graphic (icon or banner or header) :
Pictures (HQ or MQ please ^^) :
Size (for the banner or header-icon is 100x100) :

I'll take 20 requests myself (maybe kismetz</lj>  will want to do requests too ???) starting from the first people who will answer to this post ^^


List :




4. itsplashes</lj> 







11. ...

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